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Seth Price

I’m an efficient Safety and Occupational Health Manager with expert technical and applicable skills: I have a plethora of experience working and leveraging working interpersonal relationships, and I am a consummate team player who will be a great asset to any organization by taking on the organizations toughest tasks. I bring community outreach experience: I’ve traveled abroad for Christian based community volunteering where we raised capital to provide over 5,000 pairs of new shoes to poverty-stricken communities, and I’ve also taken part in Local Law Enforcement Community outreach and education.

If selected for the Board of Directors position, this will enable me to assist and strengthen current strong relations with other Board members and Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light Management key stakeholders.


John Costanti

As a director my focus is to continue the Elmhurst legacy of reliable power at low rates.  Fifteen years ago my wife and I moved to Spanaway where we started a home repair business and began investing in residential real estate. My work brings me into the homes of many members and I have found that most all of them have great respect for Elmhurst. Many have said that Elmhurst was a factor in deciding where to live.

Elmhurst is also respected in the industry as a well run organization. Just as in the past, there are many issues that face us today. We are a growing community and our infrastructure must keep up. I will bring a common sense approach to solving problems without compromising the ideals that make Elmhurst great.

The cooperative structure comes from having a strong commitment to your neighbors. I believe that by helping your neighbors, you are building a stronger community. I will be honored to continue serving you as an Elmhurst Board Member. Thank you for your vote.