Outage Map

Posted: May 10, 2022 at 1:46 pm

Elmhurst outage mapMany of our customers have shown a strong desire for Elmhurst to create an online “Outage Map”. These maps are a new standard within the Electric Industry and are well received by customers.

The information on these maps is often displayed on the Utility website, Facebook and other social media to provide our customers with the information they desire. The infrastructure to create outage mapping is dependent on newer electric meters (the electric meters on the side of your home or business) and a much higher level of computer infrastructure. As support by the manufacturers for our existing older electric meters has declined, your Elmhurst Board has approved this conversion to provide for modern meter functions and outage mapping. As the Elmhurst teams works to keep costs low, the full conversion to modern meters will take nearly nine years which spreads the cost over a longer period. However, we anticipate that preliminary outage mapping should be available to our customers within the next two years. The level of detail on these outage maps will improve each year after that. We will keep you posted as that progresses.