Board of Directors

Board member John Irwin Jr.Director John Irwin Jr has been on our Board since 1976, an Elmhurst customer for over 46 years,  and was born and raised here in Tacoma.  Mr. Irwin worked in the electrical industry for 42 years and  has been involved in community affairs, mainly with the Boy Scout programs.





Board member Leo DreithLeo Dreith is currently serving as  Board President on the Board of Directors of Elmhurst Mutual. An Elmhurst member for 43 years, and a Board member since 2001, Mr. Dreith is a retired local banker with 39 years of financial experience.





Board member Merle AndersonSecretary Merle Anderson joined the Elmhurst Board of Directors in 1997. He owned and operated Mister Muffler (133 and Pacific Ave) for 19 years and currently has significant investment in multi-family properties which also subscribe to Elmhurst Mutual.





Board member John Costanti

Director John Costanti has spent the majority of his life as a Pierce County resident and has been an EMP&L member for over 15 years. He owns and operates a small business as a General Contractor and multi-family housing property owner serving the local Spanaway community.





Director Victoria Lincoln has been a life long resident of Pierce County, with all but eight years as a resident of Spanaway. In her career, she has been involved in energy issues for over 20 years. As a municipal policy associate for the Association of Washington Cities, she covers all energy and telecommunications issues in our State legislature.