Becoming a Board Member

Would you like to become a Elmhurst Director?

Thanks for your interest in running for Director on the Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light Company Board. Elmhurst holds its annual elections in April of each year.  Applications to run for our board must be received by our office by March 1st prior to the April election.  Our Board Members serve a three-year term.

Please call the office and we will send you an application.Upon return of your application, we will ask you to help us write a short biography to include in our Voter’s Pamphlet. Voting will take place during the month of April and will conclude the day of our Annual Meeting. Within the Bylaws and Policies of Elmhurst, there are eligibility requirements that every candidate must be meet. Please review the following to verify your eligibility.

Article 4.1 of the bylaws of Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light states the following: 


(a)       Number, Election and Terms. The Board of Directors of the corporation shall be five (5) in number to be chosen from among the members at the annual meeting of the corporation by the members voting. In the event that one or more full three-year terms are available, the candidates for the Board of Directors need not declare which position they are seeking. In this instance, the candidate or candidates with the most votes would fill the positions available. However, when more than one position is available, and one or more of these positions are for a partial term, the candidates must declare which position they are seeking. The candidate with the most votes in each desired position will fill that specific position. The Directors shall hold office for three (3) years or until their successors are elected.

(b)       Eligibility.  Eligibility to serve as a Board member of the corporation requires that the candidate be a member of record at the time of election and that the candidate reside in a place served by the corporation.  In addition, while a director, and during the one (1) year immediately prior to becoming a director, a director or director candidate must not be, nor have been:

1.         A close relative of any exiting director, other than an existing director who will cease being a director within one (1) year prior to the relative  becoming a director (Close relative shall mean Brother, Sister, Father, Mother, Daughter, or Son, whether by marriage or adoption),

2.         An existing, or close relative of an existing cooperative employee, agent, or representative,

3.         Employed by, materially affiliated with, or share in a material financial interest with any other director,

4.        Engaged in, nor employed by, materially affiliated with, or have a material financial interest in, any individual or entity, directly and substantially competing with Elmhurst Mutual Power and Light Company,

5.      An existing, or close relative of an existing member, officer, agent or employee of any labor union that presently represents employees of Elmhurst Mutual Power and Light Company, or

(c)        Continuing Qualifications.  Only natural persons complying with these qualifications may be nominated, serve, or continue to serve, as a director. After being elected or appointed a director, if any director fails to comply with any qualification, the board is authorized to, and shall, remove the director, unless compliance with the qualification is determined by the board of directors to be excused for good cause and in the best interests of the company.

(d)       Conflicts of Interest.  Directors are required to disclose all conflicts of interest and excuse themselves from any vote related to any conflict of interest.  The failure of any director to meet the qualifications for a director without excuse for good cause shall not invalidate any board action if a majority of directors who do meet the qualifications vote in favor of the measure.

Policy E-2 of the policies of Elmhurst Mutual Power & Light states the following. 

“It is an Elmhurst policy that no person will be employed who is related by common blood, or marriage to another employee, board member or attorney of Elmhurst.  For the purpose of this policy, related by marriage shall include in-laws and cohabitation shall be deemed the same as marriage.”

If you do meet the above eligibility requirements, applications are accepted between February 1sta and March 1st of each year. Please return the Director Application (below) by email to or mail your application to 120 132nd St S, Tacoma, WA 98444. Again, thanks for your interest and good luck to you!

Board application


Bryan J. Bertacchi,  General Manager