National Radio Day (August 20)

Posted: August 1, 2023 at 7:00 am

Severe storms are more common in the spring and summer, and it is good to assemble emergency kits which might include a battery-operated radio. Other essentials include emergency phone numbers, water, and battery-operated flashlights.

If power goes out, switch off lights, large electronics, and appliances to prevent overloading circuits and damaging appliances when power is restored. Leave one lamp or switch on as a signal for when your power returns.

If you are driving and come upon a downed power line, stay in your vehicle, warn others to stay away, and contact emergency personnel or Elmhurst.

When using a portable generator, follow all manufacturer’s recommendations. Keep the generator dry and never plug it into a wall outlet or directly into the home’s wiring. This could inadvertently energize utility lines and injure yourself or others working to restore power.

Have your permanent standby generator professionally installed and include a transfer switch to prevent electricity from leaving your generator and going into power lines where it can kill line workers.

For those of you with medical devices requiring electricity, we encourage you to arrange alternate sources of power in case of an outage. If you contact our office with a healthcare provider’s note, we can flag your account for special notification in case of a planned outage or pending disconnection.

Storm Safety Kit (PNG)