Budget Billing

Beat the Heat With Budget Billing

It’s easy! After you have established at least 12 months of bill history at the residence you now live in, we take that total and divide it into 12 equal monthly payments. If you should use more electricity than this estimated amount, you pay for the additional usage in June, the adjustment month. If you use less, your bill will be reduced during the adjustment month. It’s that simple! No more second guessing Mother Nature. You always know what you will pay each month.

Does the Budget Plan Affect Rates?

No, it is simply a tool to save our customers the inconvenience of seasonal billing fluctuation. If we have a rate increase it will be factored into your bill.

What Are the Requirements?

  • All outstanding bills are to be paid in full prior to starting the plan.
  • You must have 12 months of bill history at the same residence.
  • A budget application form has to be filled out.
  • If you rent, your landlord must sign the application authorizing you to participate.
  • You need to make monthly payments equal to the budget amount shown on your bill. If you don’t, you will be dropped from the plan.

If you are dropped and your account has a delinquent balance, it will then be subject to our regular payment and collection policy. If the bank for any reason returns a check, it will be considered the same as not making a monthly payment and will be handled in the same way.