Disconnect For Non-Payment

Disconnect for Non-Payment


EMP&L is among the lowest cost of energy providers in the Nation.  We have been owned by our customers since 1922. To keep our costs low for ALL of our customers, we require all of our customers to promptly pay their bill.

Service Rules:

Section X, part D. Disconnecting of Services

In the event that any member or consumer shall be in violation of any of the provisions of these Service Rules and Policies including, but not limited to, non-payment of charges for energy supplied or other services rendered, the Mutual reserves the right to terminate delivery of energy. Prior to resumption of supply of energy, the violation must be corrected and payment of all sums owing the Mutual must be made together with such charges as the Mutual may have in effect representing at least a portion of the expenses incurred in the disconnection and re-energizing of the service to such member or consumer.

Section III, part 3. Disconnecting Electrical Service

Electrical service may be disconnected during a period of vacancy or for any other reason upon written request received by the Mutual, or oral notice given at the Mutual’s office, by members, or consumers authorized to give such notice by a member. Notice of disconnecting electrical service shall be received by the Mutual at least five (5) days before the effective date of disconnect. The Mutual reserves the right to refuse to disconnect in the event it deems that such action may make the Mutual liable in damages to the consumer being disconnected.