Residential Windows / Door Replacement Program

Residential Homes with Electric Heat – Prime Window and Door Replacement

Application for INCENTIVES

Elmhurst Mutual has Incentives available for the replacement of windows and doors in site built and manufactured homes with Energy Star Qualified products. Projects must be  completed by a qualified window contractor. Requirements include:

  • Homes must have pre-existing windows that are single pane, single pain with storm windows or double pane with metal frames. New windows must have a National Fenstration Rating Council (NFRC) rated U-value of 0.30 of lower or .22 or lower.
  • New sliding glass doors shall have a NFRC rated U-value of 0.35 or lower or 0.30 or lower.
  • Existing exterior doors must be uninsulated substandard doors.
  • The incentives range from $2 to $4 a square foot of windows replaced.
  • The incentive for exterior doors is $40.

How to Apply

To participate, download the residential-homes-windowdoors-replacement-20160310 and follow the submission instructions on the application.