Wood Chips

Posted: May 25, 2023 at 10:15 am

Many of our customers periodically ask us about wood chips. If you are interested in wood chips, please call Shawn at (253) 534-5485.

If anyone wonders, “why wood chips?”, this article from Leaf & Limb provides good information.

Here are several reasons to use wood chips for your plants:

  • Wood chips rot and feed the soil, which feeds the plant (and reduces the need for chemical nutrients).
  • They maintain temperature near the roots, which is important during extreme summer or winter temperatures.
  • They prevent water evaporating from the soil.
  • They suppress weeds.
  • They can prevent damage from mowers or string trimmers.
  • They are chunkier than other types of mulch and irregularly shaped, which allows water to flow more easily through groundcover.