Tree Trimming

Posted: October 3, 2022 at 2:43 pm

Marceline's drawing of powerlines intersecting with a tree causing a fireTree Trimming is a priority for Elmhurst Operations Manager, Corey McKenney. He emphasizes this program and makes it part of our annual planning. Many of our overhead electric lines share space with our beautiful Washington State trees. When trees and electric lines tango, it can start a fire which is a growing hazard each summer in our area. Trees can also compromise or break electric lines interrupting delivery of electricity. Neglecting this important maintenance is often the root cause of widespread outages and damage. Damaged lines are also a safety risk to people and animals.

When planting trees, we encourage you to consider their placement and growth trajectory to plan for safety in relation to electrical lines. As you are planting, remember to call 811 for underground wire locating services.

Marceline, granddaughter of one of our Elmhurst customers, entered this drawing into our contest. It is 3-dimensional – her power lines and pole are raised from the paper. Her drawing demonstrates the fire risk with neglecting tree trimming. Thank you, Marceline, for letting us share your drawing with this message for our readers!