Essential Guidelines for Generator Safety

Posted: August 11, 2021 at 11:54 am

orange generatorWhen severe storms and natural disasters cause power outages, it can be an inconvenience—or even a problem—to be without electricity. Purchasing a backup generator can help with preparation for such power outages and provide peace of mind. As with all things involving electricity, the incorrect use of generators can create potentially hazardous situations. Safe Electricity outlines essential considerations in purchasing the right generator and safely operate it. “Improper use of a standby or portable generator can lead to injury or even death,” explains Bryan Bertacchi, Elmhurst General Manager. “It’s important to be sure that understand and follow all safety measures to help keep yourself and others safe.” Decide what needs power. What appliances, devices, and equipment are essential? Choose a generator size that can handle the full load of the estimated power needed. Disconnect them from your home wiring and plug directly into your generator.