Celebrating 100 Years

Posted: June 2, 2022 at 8:08 am
Photo courtesy of Christi Feeney, Elmhurst

Before there was Elmhurst, there was electricity.

We were recently asked, “how does Elmhurst deliver electricity to its customers?” Some people ask, “who invented electricity”? These questions are rich with scientific discovery and innovation, the brilliance and tenacity of inventors, and the struggle between historical figures. Electricity is everywhere and is defined as a “form of energy resulting from the existence of charged particles (such as electrons or protons).” Primary sources of electricity are hydropower, coal, natural gas, nuclear energy, solar energy, and wind energy. These sources of electricity can be converted to electrical power through power generation plants such as Bonneville Lock & Dam.

Elmhurst purchases power from Bonneville and distributes it to our customers. This power travels from Bonneville through transmission and distribution lines.

Transformers step up the power so it may travel on high wires long distances, then step it down to safely power homes.

Keep reading as we build the story of Elmhurst’s first 100 years. If you have stories to contribute, please let us know.